2.0 Easy Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese philosophy of creating harmonious environments is now becoming so popular that even Donald Trump is talking about using Feng Shui to add value to his New York properties. The essence of Feng Shui is finding and balancing energy flows, both in our immediate environment and on a macro level. Known as the Chinese “art of placements” at the micro level, Feng Shui practiced on the macro level is believed to provide answers to all of humanity’s problems through the proper coordination of Tin Ren Di (Heaven, Earth and Human). As shown by Donald Trump and many large corporations, alternative preventive health and healing methods are becoming increasingly popular around the world, even outside of New Age circles. And Feng Shui principles, long misunderstood by those not inside the Chinese community, are now assisting many individuals and organizations around the world in obtaining prosperity, ensuring health and improving relationships.  

One of the easiest ways to begin practicing Feng Shui is by examining your environment for blocked or stagnant energy typically indicated by the presence of clutter and unwanted items such as old clothes and spare tools. Donating or discarding these unneeded items clears space for vital new energy and forms to come into your life. Space clearing produces results.  When we get rid of the old we make room for the new.  By injecting this positive energy into our household we invite prosperity, harmony and happiness to come into our lives. This tradition, based upon creating and maintaining relationships and connections with our physical surroundings, has been producing results for 5,000 years in such diverse areas as career, knowledge, family, prosperity, partnership, travel and health. The power of Feng Shui is not only reserved for our personal lives. Practicing certain Feng Shui principles will also influence and bring wholeness to our communities and the world as well.

Throughout history people have always felt a need to find locations where they can live healthy, prosperous and secure lives. Feng Shui provides a powerful set of tools that people need to feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings, regardless of their economic situation. For example, developers in Hong Kong have long used traditional Feng Shui principles for civic planning and designing modern office and residential buildings.

Feng Shui’s principles of relationship and correlation incorporate concepts from a wide variety of disciplines including geography, aesthetics, philosophy, ecology, interior & exterior design psychology, physics and astrology.  For example, the color red signifies fame, the color pink relates to marriage, and so on.  Sizes, shapes and numbers also loom large in the Feng Shui philosophy.  If you have good Feng Shui in your home and business, you will harness the positives in your life while diminishing the negatives.

The use of right location, space, direction and color will enhance one’s abilities and serve as a catalyst to get to next level of human happiness. In simple terms, Feng Shui is about finding the right place to put the right thing at the right time. And it is easy enough that anyone can do it.

Many companies across the , Europe and, of course, Asia , have been utilizing Feng Shui principles to gain a financial edge over their business rivals. The list includes such Fortune 500 companies as Coca Cola and McKinney & Company and even Wall Street firms in New York City .

To begin feeling the powerful influence of Feng Shui in your life, start by applying the principles found in the following section. First, you will need to find your favorable elements, followed by direction, colors and so forth. A simple example can help: If you were born during the hot summer period of May 5th through August 8th, you will need metal and water elements in your environment. Then, your favorable direction/location would be west and north, and your favorable colors would be black/white/beige/silver. Properly applying this new knowledge into your life can yield profound results. Wear it, sit on it and live it and you will see the difference.