2013 A Year in Focus

Tension in Gulf of Hormuz 
The immediate attention is drawn at the Gulf of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf where tension execrate to an unprecedented manner. Iran is isolated in the case where the coalition or alliances of few Arabians counties ignite further the already tension state. The oil prices would further jack-up as a result of this. 
Crazy Weather 
The world weather in 2013 is in extreme with cases rather abnormal. You will find that summer is hotter while the winter in colder unprecedentedly, records with highs and lows will be making headlines everywhere this year. Oceans with abnormal typhoons and strong winds would course damages to coastal regions, supply of seafood and so on. 
Shortages of Food Productions 
Staple and food productions at large are instable due to extreme weather as a result, this is contributing the already high inflation rate, therefore USA and Europe would see further increase in inflation. 
Inflation Inflation Inflation 
Home prices would increase in PRC China, USA and Europe in particular, as in Hong Kong the property prices would have limited downside even with government intervention.  
Currency and Trade wars 
This alluded to currency war between the powerful nations, the speculation of DE pegging HK and US dollar would once again surface towards middle of the year and trade war become even obvious as well. Shifting of capital towards stocks markets into the East is the headline for 2013. Bonds markets once again would be extremely volatile in Asia. The country in focus this year would be JAPAN! Yen is the key word! 
-by Kerby Kuek