Feng Shui Taboo

1.       Mirror in bedroom causes bad relationship.

This is not true at all. The only thing that might cause you is a headache. Try this on for size, imagine you wake up in the middle of the night without a light on and see yourself in the mirror, you might scare yourself off!

2.       The toilet should not be located in the center.

Can’t seem to put into logic as the ancient Chinese will never have their toilets anywhere else except outside main building. The only rational is the hygienic part, but as long as you keep your toilet clean and constantly close your toilet door things should be in order. 

 3.    Number 4 is bad and number 3 is good.

The Chinese main language is Mandarin while most popular dialect is Cantonese and therefore is only logic to have beliefs about the phonetic meanings of certain numbers.  4 sounded like ‘dead’ while 3 sounded like ‘alive’. Surprising the reverse is true in Feng Shui flying star numbers where the 4-star is good for a academic excellent while 3-star in associated with ‘grievances’. Let’s not blame your luck when you live in 4th, 14th etc floor. Just keep in mind that 4 will enhance your intellectual capability. 

4.       T-Junction brings bad luck for business.

The energies create in such area certainly indulge some uncertainly but never assume such energies are bad. Certain busy places in cosmopolitan like New York, Hong Kong and London to name a few whereby such settings bring in fortunes. Never assume things, just think logic will help your Feng Shui adventure a more meaning one.

5.    Fish Tank represents Wealth

It is a common practice to place a fish tank in the wealth sector and therefore created the confusion that fish tank equals wealth. This is taken for granted by many. Is it the fish tank? The fish? Or the water that created the magic touch?  The answer to my best knowledge: It is the movement created by the fish inside the water that matters. The movement of fish or any object in the wealth sector ignites the subtle fortune energies and thus brings in the kind energies into your family. 

6.    Red color is auspicious at all occasions 

Traditionally, red is acronym with auspicious and celebration in Chinese culture. Nevertheless please keep in mind that red is strong fire and it is a strong Yang energy, therefore one should not take for granted that red is auspicious for all occasions, especially come to main door or your bedroom color. Certain people should avoid using red color, for those born in hot summer should not use this color either. 













7.    Black is Inauspicious Color at all occasions

This is also a traditional belief that black brings bad luck in ancient Chinese culture. Certain people will find black color bring kind energies to them-for those who born in hot summer will find water element brings such energies to them, this is because black color is water element. Only those born in cool winter will find this inauspicious to them.

8.    Graveyard at vicinity will bring bad luck 

Traditionally, ancient Chinese or even today Chinese place great emphasis on the Yin Feng Shui whereby their ancestor graveyard is treated as most critical factor that will determine the fame and fortunes of the young ones. As such, such area should be good Feng Shui to begin with. At the same token, since such area carry too much yin energies as well as psychological impact on the living beings to live close to graveyard, most people will avoid living close to such area.  Should your apartment or house near such area, as long as you feel good about it, you should stay there.