I agree with everything you related. I got married in 2000. In 2002, I was promoted in my job and college graduation. Also, need to improve communication with spouse. Sometimes I get angry at other things and I end up being angry with her too...
I work with IT on steel industry and like teaching and practicing Reiki.Cool.
- Max A (England)

Thank you very much for this reading. It certainly is correct and even though I am a believer its accuracy still amazes me. Again thanks for yourgreat website.
- Stephanie (USA)

Wow! you are so right-on in so many situations. How do you do that? That is amazing!
- Natalie Smith, Georgia, USA

It actually came through! Two months ago you have predicted my pregnancy and last week doctor confirmed your prediction, fantastic!
- Joan Lam, Hong Kong

Thanks! My husband really got promoted as you have mentioned in your reading! Thanks
- Chan Ting Mei, KL, Malaysia

I have put up my house for sale for quite some time, after consulting you; I've sold my house in September, precisely the month that you mentioned!! Thanks!
- Grace Chan, Toronto, Canada

You've predicted I will get pregnant this year, It is ridiculous I said because my first daughter is age 10…. realized that you got it right; I've my second daughter born late of the year!
- Maggie Tan, KL, Malaysia

We did indeed moved to Southeast of KL as you accurately predicted last year-
- Bernard Leung & Wife, KL, Malaysia

I'vebought an apartment last year after consulting you, this year the price soar 35%!!
- Chris Lam, Hong Kong

You are able to describe my features and personality even without seeing me in person, which is really awesome!
- Jane S. Hitch, LA, USA

After visiting you, you have advised me to offload my shares, which I did. One and half month later the shares dipped 35%…thanks.
- Joyce Chan, Hong Kong

Thank you Kerby - I have been facing in my favorable direction while talking on the phone with customers and it has been assisting me in my presence and energy level.
-Abbey Jacobs, New York, USA

-Susan Stones, South Dakota, USA

My life has improves and my health is better now after your Feng Shui consultation of my house
-Shirley Siew, Hong Kong

It is easy for beginner like me to comprehend your Feng Shui course! That is why I bought your other courses as well. It is such a wonderful experience to learn from you!
-Robert Murray, Florida, USA

The materials that you used are different from other courses that I learned before. It's very informative and practical.
-Amanda Conzalo, Toronto, Canada.

Your easy step by step approach is worth the money! I did not know how simple the fying star work until I've found your course!
-Sam Wong, Sunny Bay, USA

After changing my Chinese name, my life improves, I bought a new apartment and I have a steady girlfriend now, thanks Kerby!
-Jeffrey Poon, Hong Kong

You actually can foretell that my boyfriend involves in a triangle relationship, I found out that he is a married man later, thanks for your advice!
-Cheong Yim Peng, Hong Kong

I've got a large project and still getting more other projects after you have changed my name three months ago, thanks!
-Kelvin Cheung, Hong Kong

After I've changed my name, I feel Confident talking to people and making proactive steps in getting to know opposite sex, I am dating now!
-Jonathan Lam, Hong Kong